Enjoy the Attractive Slot Variation Alien Video Slots

An interesting, unique and enjoyable slot variation, Alien Video Slots is a typical slot variation that features five reels and 20 pay lines. This game opens big chances or opportunities to players to win more profits because the jackpot prize in this slot variation is 20,000 coins. To maximize chances in this interesting game, players should know the different special features and aspects of Alien Video Slots.

Alien Video Slots Icons

To attract more gamblers to play Alien Video Slots, it features beautiful and luring icons like Alien Egg icons. Players activate a bonus game if Alien Egg symbols land on the third, fourth and fifth pay lines. When they get these symbols, players choose eggs on the screen that each contains a corresponding coin bonus. The bonus game ends when players choose an egg that contains the Collect icon.

Another special icon in Alien Video Slots that players have to look out is the spaceship door icon since this symbol triggers a bonus game that has six stages. During the first five stages of the bonus game, six special boxes appear at the bottom part of the slot machine's screen. Each box contains any of these symbols: weapon, throw all icon and Alien creature.

Players select one of the boxes. When the box that they choose contains the weapon symbol, a particular number of coins is added to the bonus coins of players. Meanwhile, if they get the throw all icon, players get all the weapon symbols and the coins are added to their payouts. Among all the symbols, players should avoid getting the Alien icon because this symbol ends the bonus game.

The Alien Hunt Final Stage

The Air Lock Stage is the final part of the bonus round of Alien Video Slots. Players need to pick the air lock button in order for them to win additional coins. If they luckily get the button, an alien appears on the screen of the slot machine and releases coins that are added to the total payouts that players get.

Alien Video Slot Machines are available in many online casinos and live casinos. Before playing this slot variation in casinos, it is important that players learn its basic elements and features so that they can maximize opportunities that the game offers to them. It is also necessary that players know how to manage their money or bankroll well to avoid losing great stakes in this attractive slot variation.