Slot Machine: Slot Myths and Superstitions

You may have already found a lot of information concerning slot machines on the Internet, from other slot players, or from other sources. Some of the information may be correct, but there are others that are incorrect because they are slot myths. Listed below are some of the common slot myths with a brief explanation included.

- Slot machines have fixed spin sequences or patterns that can be identified when you study them carefully and intensely. This is a false notion and is just a slot myth. All slot machines are controlled by random number generators and millions of symbol combinations are being generated each minute with no specific pattern at all.

- When you left the slot machine, the person playing next win the big jackpot. The slot myth that if you would have stayed just a little bit longer, the jackpot would have been yours to enjoy. This slot myth can only be true if you have push that spin button at exactly the same millisecond the winner did it. A slight change of the timing will definitely give a different resulting symbol combination.

- You have been playing a particular slot machine for five, eight, or 20 straight days and haven't won the jackpot. The slot machine must be due to hit any time soon. Unfortunately, your odds of winning the jackpot is similar to every spin you make whether it's the first spin or the hundredth thousand spin. The absolute reality is that slot machines have no due time.

- Because the slot machine just hit the big jackpot, it is not good to play it immediately because the machine will have to make up first for the big win. This is absolutely untrue because all slot machines are structured to a specific payout percentage. The odds of winning the jackpot is just the same for a slot machine that has just paid out and for slot machines that hasn't paid out in days.

- You always heard that betting with one coin at a time will make the slot machine pay out frequently. In reality, slot machines don't have any idea as to how many coins you have inserted. The same spin is produced whether you are playing with one coin or maximum coins.

- It is a belief that casinos have the disposition when will the jackpot be hit. Again, because slot machines are run by random number generators, no one really knows when the jackpot will be hit, not even the casino management.

- Going to a busy casino will give you a higher chance of hitting the jackpot. It may be true that more people hit the jackpot during the casino's peak hours for the reason that more people are playing the slot machines and nothing else.

Slot myths are basically myths so there is no absolute reality in them.